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  1. Why Brake Fluid Needs to be Replaced Every Two Years

      December 15 2021

    Since the invention of hydraulic brakes, brake fluid has been used to transfer the pressure of your foot to the brake mechanism which is used to stop your car. Brake fluid is hygroscopic, that is it intentionally absorbs moisture, and for this reason it is important that it is routinely flushed as part of your […]


  2. Why A Quality Car Battery Is Important

      November 11 2021

    For the first few years after purchasing a new car, you likely won’t need to think about getting a new car battery at all. It is inevitable at some point during your car’s life that you will experience a flat battery. Once a battery has run flat a few times, it will no longer hold […]


  3. How Often Should You Service Your Car?

      July 2 2021

    How often you should service your car depends on a number of factors, including the age of your car, how often you drive it, whether you’ve noticed any wear and tear or if you suspect a mechanical failure has occurred.  To get the most out of your vehicle, it is important to have your car […]



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