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Belair Road Auto
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Getting a log book service means that your car will be serviced by a highly skilled mechanic who will follow the manufacturer specifications for your vehicle. A log book service is a great way to maintain the warranty of your car while keeping your vehicle running smoothly. When to get a log book service will depend on the make and model of your vehicle but generally you get your car serviced every twelve months, or every 10,000 kms that you drive, depending whichever comes first.

We Are Car Log Book Servicing Professionals

We have over 50 years of experience in general servicing in Kingswood and completing log book services. Our professional team of technicians always work to the highest standards and can service cars of any make or model. All the work we do is conducted against a rigorous checklist so we can ensure that your car is safe and running smooth for your next drive. Nothing gets missed when we are performing a log book service for your car. We even make sure that tyres have enough tread for when the roads are slippery.

Our Fully Qualified Mechanics Are Here To Take Care Of Your Next Service

We take pride in offering high quality workmanship to every vehicle that enters our workshop so once the service is complete your car will be in optimal driving condition. Letting us service your car regularly will help you save money in the long run as there will be less risk of unexpected faults resulting from wear and tear.

If your car no longer needs log book servicing, we can seamlessly transition your car service to a general car maintenance and servicing schedule. Doing this will not only keep you safe and help maintain the roadworthiness of your car, but it will also remove the stress of trying toremember when your vehicle is due for its next service.

To schedule your next log book service simply give us a call on (08) 8271 7617 or fill out our online booking form to secure a time to come into our service centre.

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Belair Road Auto
in Kingswood, SA
(08) 8271 7617

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