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Belair Road Auto
(08) 8271 7617

Is your car’s air conditioner no longer as cooling as you once remember it? Perhaps all you’ve noticed coming from the vents is warm air, or maybe you’re finding that your vehicle burns through fuel a lot quicker whenever you use your aircon. You don’t need to suffer through the summer heat when the solution might be as simple as an aircon regas. It’s easy to fall into the habit of forgetting about your car’s air conditioning system during the winter months, but just like other parts of your vehicle your air conditioner requires ongoing maintenance.

We Are Car Air Conditioning Professionals

Our experienced team of auto technicians at Belair Road Auto aim to diagnose problems before they even come to your attention and become a bigger issue. Ensuring your car gets a regular air conditioning service means that we evacuate and refill your refrigerant gas when needed and double check all the components to make sure they are in working order.

Identifying any issues with your car air conditioning early on can help your car be more fuel efficient and cost effective. When it comes to car air conditioning repairs and services we are skilled at working with many different car models and makes. Any services or repairs we do will also follow the specifications from your vehicle’s manufacturer.

We take time to be thorough with all our services. When you bring your vehicle into our workshop for an air conditioning repair or service we will inspect your system for any cracks and leaks, regas your air conditioning system if needed, and run necessary checks to ensure your cooling system is performing at full capacity.

Professional Technicians Ready To Help Take Care Of Your Next Service

We have over 50 years experience servicing cars in Kingswood. As technology advances we make it our mission to constantly develop our skills, which is why we are renowned for our services. Whether you’re after car heater repairs or a car air conditioning service, our technicians are well-equipped to help.

Being part of the Bosch Car Service Network means that you can guarantee that all our technicians will provide a high level of professionalism and standard to every job. Have your car’s air conditioning system ready for when you need it most. Book in for an air conditioning service at Belair Road Auto by calling (08) 8271 7617 or filling out our online booking form.

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Belair Road Auto
in Kingswood, SA
(08) 8271 7617

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