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Belair Road Auto
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It’s amazing how owning a motorhome or a caravan can open up the world for you. Whether you’re travelling as a couple, solo, with kids or with friends, the road becomes your oyster and the adventures that can be had are limitless. When you’re mid roadtrip, no one likes to be inconvenienced by a vehicle that is playing up or being unreliable. This is where we come in. We want to make sure your caravan or motorhome is running as smoothly as your travel plans.

An annual service of your caravan or motorhome can help you keep costs down in the long run and help us identify any signs of damage before they become a bigger problem and leave you stranded.

We Are Caravan Service Professionals

Not every workshop is equipped to provide caravan servicing and maintenance. Campervans are complex vehicles but here at Belair Road Auto our experienced technicians are professionals in motorhome services and caravan repairs.

A caravan gives you the flexibility of owning your own accommodation when travelling while also having the freedom to take a spontaneous trip. Getting your motorhome or caravan serviced regularly means that you will be well-equipped to make the most of the opportunities that come with owning a caravan.

We are proud to be an RAA Approved Repairer with our fully qualified auto electricians and mechanics who are ready to ensure that your caravan’s electrics, brakes and suspension are ready for your next road trip.

Trust Our Bosch Trained Mechanics For Your Next Caravan Service

Regular servicing of your caravan or motorhome will not only benefit you on your adventures, but it will also help you if you ever intend on selling. Unlike cars, the depreciation rate of a motorhome is much slower, which means you should be able to resell your motorhome for a similar price you purchased it for. We want to help you turn your caravan or motorhome into a smart purchase by helping you keep it in a well-maintained condition inside and out.

As a Bosch Car Service Network partner we have access to specialist diagnostic tools that will help us pinpoint any potential faults or issues before they start giving you real trouble – or worse, before they get in the way of your next holiday. When we undergo a diagnostic test we will be able to efficiently diagnose what repairs, re-wiring, and safety checks are needed.

With every Motor Home Service we also take great care in examining your tyres. Ensuring your tyres have the correct amount of tread and are in good condition is essential to travelling safely across the country.

To book your next motorhome service please contact a member of our customer service team on (08) 8271 7617 or fill out our online booking form. An annual service will give you the confidence that your caravan or motorhome will be ready to take on the road and keep you safe on your next journey.

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Belair Road Auto
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(08) 8271 7617

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