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Belair Road Auto
(08) 8271 7617

On this page you’ll find the team members who will be assisting you with your enquiries and working on your vehicle.

Tim Byrne

Customer Service Manager
Originally apprenticed by John Clays, Tim has had a passion for the Automotive trade for over 30 years.

Lynette Byrne

Behind every Good man, stands an even better woman, without Lynette’s eye for detail, the Business wouldn't function.

Craig Thomas

Workshop Technician
With an eye for detail and a “never say never approach” , Craig brings over 40 years of experience to the team.

Daniel Miller

Diagnostic Technician
Originally apprenticed by Belair Road Auto, with a friendly smile and outlook on life, Daniel has developed into an important part of the team.

Jake Gilpin

Workshop Technician
With his English charm Jake is always happy to discuss your needs.

Jordon Byrne

Auto Electrician Qualified and Excelling in REDARC installations

Owen Makin

Apprentice Auto Electrician Owen has a pleasant nature and large willingness to help. These two factors make him gel very well into our auto electrical team.

Corbin Chapple

Apprentice Mechanic Corbin has a love of mechanics and is our newest member to be trained by Craig and Jake.